The countdown is really, really, really on!

And we’re getting super excited!

General arrival time is 3:00pm (unless you are camping!) – and we are aiming to start the Ceremony around 4:00pm. Please keep in mind this is an outdoor event, in a large area! There will be drinks, games, photo booth etc set up for pre and post ceremony, so if the schedule is off hopefully everyone can make a new friend and enjoy themselves! (And as most of you know Kim will ensure that you make a new friend, regardless of if you want to or not.)

We will be sitting down to dinner after 5:30. There will be a Vegetarian option available, so don’t fret my veggie friends!

During, after, in between dinner there will be a few speeches, laughs and MUSIC. We have an awesome line up of some great local talent so make sure to bring your dancing shoes as well! We will wrap up the evening with a bonfire, more music (so bring your instruments!) and a lot more laughs! Feel free to bring any games or party tricks!

The following day (Sunday, July 26th) we have rented the hall at Robertson Lake, which is about 25 minutes from where the wedding is (directions available….in scavenger hunt form….), for a breakfast pot luck/party! It is a beautiful little spot in the middle of nowhere that we have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time at, and we thought it would be a great place to recover! Swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, what ever tickles your pickle! Bring your whole fam-damily if you would like!

We are so excited to see everyone!
Kim & Gus

PS – If you have any questions at all, or you just want to say Hi! Phone us at 613-264-0806 or email